Creating Meaningful Work Relationships Through Effective Written Communication

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There is no denying that the most successful businesses are those who have invested in establishing positive relationships with all who have interest in the business, whether internal or external. Aside from having the elements of trust, respect, inclusion, and open communication, good work relationships provide meaning for each stakeholder. 

Businesses give high value to written communication and consider it as a tool which helps create meaningful work relationships. This is because it: 

  • provides a proper and valid record of ideas, thoughts, opinions, knowledge, and data that are shared among individuals, groups, or organizations involved in the business which can easily be referred to as the need arises;
  • makes communication of goals, strategies, and any business message clear, however large and geographically spread out the audience is;
  • improves collaboration to facilitate the success of projects; 
  • helps track project development and keep costs within budget; and
  • allows for unique, focused means of communication that fosters engagement of prospective and existing clients, employees, and business partners.  

Most importantly, effective written communication helps promote transparency, which develops trust and integrity between partners. When this happens, meaningful work relationships become deep-rooted thereby having greater possibility of realizing exceptional achievements and partnerships becoming long-term.

About the author:

Rissa Gatdula-Lumontad is the Lead Storyteller at Eastvantage. She is an experienced communications professional, with over twenty years of writing content in the consulting, IT services, M.I.C.E., and tourism industries. Her book, The Philippines: 100 Travel Tips, is a best seller on Amazon and was recognized by BookAuthority as one of the best Philippines Travel Guide books of all time. Rissa’s creative writing skills helped Eastvantage win several awards.

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