CASE STUDY: Innovative E-commerce Supported by Ever-evolving Back Office Team

case study e-commerce

Ideal Partnership Between an Innovative Global E-commerce Company in Australia and a Manila-based Back Office Team

Working from home for almost a year now, Jenn, a customer support team leader, has well adjusted to the flexible work arrangement that came in place due to the pandemic. Back in 2018, their team of two customer support representatives is reporting to work at the East Wing 15th floor office of Eastvantage.

Jenn’s team has experienced a 900% headcount growth in the past three years. They are a blended team of CSRs, QA analysts, and digital marketers that are supporting the growth of an innovative fashion global e-commerce company that developed scientifically-proven patented clothing.

PH as a go-to for customer support, and more

The Philippines established a substantial reputation as being the go-to country for outsourcing customer support. But when the client started outsourcing a chat and email customer support team, they had concerns about performance and people management with the previous vendor. They started looking for a different provider that can improve all metrics, and then that’s when they met Eastvantage.

To achieve the client’s goal, they started with hiring two (2) customer support representatives. Their team grew over the years, establishing KPIs and creating dashboards for real-time productivity tracking. Since they started, they have had a 45% reduction in average resolution time (ART) and a 49% reduction in first reply time (FRT). Their 2020 CSAT is at 96%, compared to 87% in 2019. Improvements seen are due to focus on monthly DSAT analysis, and quality monitoring & feedback mechanism.

As the client’s innovation progressed, their Manila team also progressed. Since the Philippines has a vast talent pool of not only CSRs, we were able to build them a team of brand ambassadors. They hired QA analysts who ensure the quality of their new website features and digital marketers who create new product promotions and manage outbound marketing.

This is another example of how Eastvantage is true to its mission of taking businesses to the next stage, going the extra mile on building a team that will be your partner to grow. For more related client case studies, check out Customer Success in 9 Languages and Software Maintenance for European Market Leader.

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