Best Practices in Web Development

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Web development projects cover a broad spectrum of tasks, technologies, and many other components. Regardless of these factors, there are common key practices that remain relevant in web development that beginners and experienced developers alike can use to ensure the optimisation of their projects.

Stick to standard practices

When developing code to a site, make sure to follow the standards so that your users will not get lost. Stick to the standards of having the company logo at the upper left corner, contact buttons on the upper right, a standard navigation map on all pages, and visible hyperlinks and call to actions. People are likely to seek familiarity in a site and it’s best if their habits are not messed up and so that they won’t feel uncomfortable in navigating your site.

Make use of test environments

When conducting developments to your site, it is important to avoid website failure that can occur in the process. Test environments are created for this purpose so you wouldn’t have to risk messing up the working website and make sure everything is in place when it’s time to implement the updates.

Use Commenting

When several people are working on the same project, things will run much faster and it will be much easier if you can avoid spending too much time working on someone else’s code. This is why it is highly recommended to add some comments. This will let others, and yourself in the future, to understand what the code is for and how it works in an instant.

Limit dependency on third-party components

Using frameworks and third-party components can pretty much simplify your development project, but take it with a grain of salt. Being too dependent on these components may hurt you when you decide in the future to stop using it for reasons like having restrictions of some functionalities in favour of paid options.

Prioritise security

This is something that can not be neglected. Data protection can be taken into account in the development process on many levels, including https connection, access permission allocation, and database protection.

Mobile-friendliness is a must

It’s common knowledge that a large percentage of users use mobile devices in browsing websites. Always bear in mind to create a responsive design so that the interface looks good on any device. This includes minimising distracting elements that are not essential to the website.

Optimise your site performance and page speed

Having a brilliantly designed website can lose its effectiveness if it takes too long for its pages to load. People may not be patient enough to wait and it is easy to return to the search results and jump on the next site. To avoid that, always keep the page speed in check, and make sure that it is not sacrificed in creating a better-looking website.

Web Development Expertise

Web development is one of Eastvantage’s expertise when it comes to technology projects for our flexible delivery models. We have a decade of experience managing multiple accounts from which such best practices are encouraged. Eastvantage continues to provide meaningful jobs to Filipino talents. Check out our careers page to see our open tech job postings.