6 Reasons why the Philippine IT Industry is Booming (and why you should take advantage today)

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The Philippines is gaining traction in terms of providing outsourcing services not only for customer support but also for outsourcing tech services to different foreign businesses. What’s promising about the Philippine IT industry is that it’s still growing and it’s the perfect time to outsource your business’ tech needs.

Here are six more reasons why the Philippine IT industry is booming and why you should take advantage today.

1. The Philippines is going through tech evolution

Local and foreign investors are starting to enhance their businesses to pave way for more tech innovations in the country. Information-based products and services are becoming more popular; more apps are being produced by the day and with possible integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and sensory technology — one can expect more changes in the not-so-distant future. E-commerce is highly in demand too; nowadays, people have a constant desire for customized shopping and payment methods.

2. When it comes to technology, brand marketing has never been more challenging, especially with all the available channels they can tap into

There are countless opportunities thanks to tech, and as long as there are consumers and businesses, tech will never die — especially not in the Philippines, which is considered the “Fastest Growing Smartphone Market in ASEAN“.

It’s got the government’s support. The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is the executive department of the country that is in charge of developing, planning, and promoting information and communications technology (ICT) to further national growth and development. They are said to prioritize the provision of public free Wi-Fi access, a national ICT Portal, and a National Broadband Plan to deploy fiber optic cables and wireless technology to further expand 3G, 4G, and LTE services throughout the country. When even the government is involved in its growth, the Philippine IT industry is surely intentional in terms of growing and expanding its reach.

3. Ties with ASEAN

In terms of international involvement, the Philippines gets its support from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). ASEAN aims to accelerate economic growth, social progress, and cultural development through interconnectivity with its SEA neighbors. This is made more possible, of course, through ICT or online tools, which makes it accessible through different platforms — be it through computers or mobile channels. Without IT, this would be nearly impossible to maintain, much less achieve.

4. The BPO industry relies on the digital platform

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has become one of the country’s leading generators of income. In fact, DICT projects up to $38.9 billion of BPO revenue in the next six years. This “boom” in the industry isn’t only because of foreign direct investments (FDI) from foreign business owners, but also because of the innumerable employment opportunities, it provides for the Filipino people — including, of course, tech jobs. With the amount of BPOs occupying office spaces in the country — you can only think of the demand for IT support (call, internet usage, and maintenance) in all of these companies.

5. One IT guy isn’t enough anymore

Remember the days when there was just one IT guy at your beck and call? Companies are looking to assemble efficient IT teams that can get more tasks accomplished in a shorter amount of time and explore more tech possibilities. With the rate of technological advancements and the threat to cybersecurity, an IT team must be well-rounded and round-the-clock. A simple search in ICTjob.ph — the only online tech job portal in the company — would show you over 70 job openings that include addressing security issues in their job description.

6. The Filipino Youth & Tech

In case you missed our previous article, the Filipino youth and tech are the main factors that ensure ASEAN success in the country. On an even brighter note, this is true in terms of the economy’s hope in becoming a stronger nation. Seeing as how the workforce is eventually going to be dominated by youthful, tech-savvy Millennials who are being equipped and trained to undertake the global need for different IT skills, is very favourable for the IT industry.

There will never be a shortage of IT-related jobs in the Philippines, and that’s a fact. With the abundance of a skilled workforce and with surefire support from both the government and private sectors, the country’s booming IT industry is simply at its start. Outsourcing IT jobs in the Philippines may just be the best business move you will ever have to do. The Filipino people have the skill and drive to accommodate any of your tech needs after all.