5 Virtual Assistant Tools That Make Life Easier

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A virtual assistant’s life is not easy. You’re on call most of the day and tasks just keep on piling up. Thanks to technology, there are now virtual assistant software tools to help you out. Stay on track, stay stress-free, and get more things done with these tools.

Tool 1: Dropbox

Document sharing has never been so easy. Whether it’s for private or public sharing, Dropbox is your go-to software for its security and efficiency. All of your files are secured in the system as long as you don’t give anyone links or access. It’s also possible to create a folder for specific clients and teams where they can edit and share files. Say goodbye to uploading zip files via email. The Dropbox application is downloadable for your PC.

Tool 2: Google Calendar

Put your worn-out planner to rest and level up your game via Google Calendar. When you want your schedule to be in sync with everyone in the team, this is the best solution. Setting up meetings, gatherings, and events is easier with this tool for virtual assistants. No need for multiple texts and calls to check for someone’s availability. Schedule deadlines, meetings, lunch outs and day-offs without breaking a sweat.


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Tool 3: HelloSign

Need your clients to sign important documents but they’re halfway across the globe? Thank goodness it’s the digital age! With HelloSign, you can do it online, hassle-free! This tool allows your team and clients to sign documents in a matter of minutes. This makes it easier to revise documents to have them resigned; you’ll be saving tons of trees because of the less paper use. HelloSign also enables your clients to directly sign the digital copy instead of directly going to their websites or mobile apps. No need to worry about hackers since they observe high profile of security measures the same as national banks.

Tool 4: Asana

Keep track of tasks, meetings, and other tasks in one place. Team members have a lot of tasks and may not work in the same timezone as your clients. Save time and keep things organized and clear (especially when it comes to giving instructions) with this tool. Asana breaks this routine via their effective tools of project management. It’ll be easier to see who’s working on what. You can even group them according to the level of importance and create subgroups for specific tasks. In other words, if you’ve got a virtual assistant in the Philippines and you’re in another continent, you can run a project even without conducting a face-to-face meeting.


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Tool 5: Quickbooks

Revenues. Expenses. Pricing. Payrolls. The list just goes on and on. Other existing tools can already do these for you, but what they can’t do is create easy templates to report these numbers. The tool has built-in templates to organize your expenses and payrolls. You would not stress yourself over making quotations or invitations to bid for your clients since Quickbooks can do that for you. In short, this tool helps every step of the way just to ensure that your records are on-the-dot. Even licensed accountants have tools designed just for them in Quickbooks.

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