5 Solid Reasons Why You Should Outsource to the Philippines

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In our quest to provide meaningful jobs to Filipinos while giving excellent services to businesses around the globe, we never fail to preach why the country could be your next land of opportunity.

Besides the benefit of lower hiring costs, here are five more reasons why you should outsource in the Philippines.

  1. Prime location
    The Philippines has been known to be an excellent trading spot for different nations, being easily accessible to both shipping docks and airlines. It’s also a well-known tourist destination with natural resources as abundant as its coworking and office spaces. A simple Google search for the country’s business districts can make it easier for potential businessmen to imagine setting up their office in the Philippines. Not only can they establish themselves as a global brand, but they would also be given the chance to do greater good and provide employment opportunities to Filipinos as well.
  2. Skilled workforce
    Call centers are popular BPOs in the country, but the Filipinos are skilled beyond their English fluency and their knack for warm customer service delivery. With a 95% literacy rate, the Philippine workforce is are experts in medical, legal, financial, IT, and creative fields. This is why both BPO and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) companies keep on growing in the country because they can supply the demand for various professionals.
  3. Growing tech community
    The country is geared to supply global demand for IT pros, thus, continuous efforts from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) are at work. So far, they are in the process of introducing a new telco player in the country and strengthening partnerships with other countries to further reinforce cooperation in the tech industry. Other Philippine-based organizations committed to furthering the sector in the country is the IT & Business Process Association (IBPAP) and Developers Connect Philippines (DevCon). The country has also ICTjob.ph, the Philippines’ premier tech job portal to help out both IT job hunters and recruiters.
  4. It’s part of ASEAN
    The Philippines is one of the pioneer members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN, an intergovernmental organisation which strives to accelerate economic growth and promote regional peace and stability in the region. As a whole, Southeast Asia has a 640 million population and ranks as the 6th largest economy in the world. ASEAN integration in the Philippines has been beneficial in the past decades, with major improvements in employment, trade, tourism, and security.
  5. Sustained growth of the economy
    The Philippines is considered to be one of the “growth leaders in Asia”, and is expected to reach upper-middle-income status by 2019. It makes for an ideal outsourcing destination because of all the progress it has made and is slated to continue to achieve in the years ahead.

The best time to bring your operations to the Philippines is now. Get in touch with us to learn more about how outsourcing can help your business.