5 Reasons You Should Consider Managed Marketing Services

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The scale of how the unprecedented new economic reality has affected consumer habits has businesses looking at re-evaluating their marketing strategies. Given the volatile business environment and resulting changing marketing needs, marketing leaders are now focusing on how to navigate the disruption and chart the way forward in a more efficient manner.

Many businesses have turned to managed marketing services in the same way they have engaged managed services for other operational tasks. Managed marketing services can be customized according to your specific needs and can cover planning to execution, or components thereof. Here are five reasons you should consider the model for your organization’s requirements:

  1. Leverage expertise. The right managed marketing service provider has a team of experts for different marketing functions. It can help assess your current market performance and aligns a marketing strategy to your business needs. Whether you require just content creation, lead generation, or assistance with the full customer journey lifecycle, a managed marketing service provider will have the appropriate resources to help meet your objectives.
  2. Have easy access to new marketing technologies. The digital landscape necessitates the personalization of customer experiences, such that marketers need to base decisions on data and analytics. This requires heavy investments in digital tools and capabilities, which can take a toll on a company’s budget. It will also require your in-house resources to take time on training to be able to optimize use of these tools. With a managed marketing service model, you can benefit from these tools without the high cost and complexities that come with ownership.
  3. Smoothly adapt to changing market conditions. Managed marketing service will facilitate your organization’s adherence to latest marketing requirements and adoption of the industry’s best marketing practices with the least impact to your in-house resources.
  4. Allow your in-house marketing team to focus on high-value tasks. By delegating the time-consuming marketing basics to a managed marketing service provider, your in-house marketing team can concentrate on core tasks that stir business growth like major product/service management projects. These tasks can also be supported by your provider, particularly the research and data gathering required to support such projects.
  5. Cost-effective. With a managed marketing support service model, you can scale as needed at less cost. This goes for both talent and technology resources. For instance, you can scale up when you have a campaign, avoid costly training of in-house resources, or purchase only components of a system that you need instead of getting the whole technology stack.

In summary, a managed marketing service model allows you to streamline your marketing processes and do more for less with improved efficiency. If you want to be able to shape an organization that is resilient to the fast-changing market landscape, it is high-time you consider this model.

About the author:
Diana Paguirigan is the Head of Marketing at Eastvantage. She is a marketing professional with 11 years experience in the marketing arena from traditional to new media. She has a strong background in end-to-end digital marketing and marketing technology. Diana has demonstrated brand and marketing expertise with a history of working in the outsourcing/offshoring industry. She leads the Eastvantage marketing team in providing the needed communications and events support for business development and client and employee engagement.

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