5 Qualities of a Resume that Will Get You Hired

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Wondering why you’re not getting any calls from your online applications? If you think you’ve got the skills and yet still don’t get the call back you’re waiting for, it may be due to your résumé. It’s not as simple as printing out your credentials in a piece of paper. Everything that recruiters read on your record must count. Hence, here are five specific things your résumé should have so you can be sure to get that much-awaited interview.

1. Modified for your dream job

A generic résumé is a good idea, but when you’re aiming for that one job you really like, you should customize it so that the recruiters would only see what they need to see. Only put information that is relevant to them.

2. It’s easy on the eyes

Make sure all the text — especially the most important information, is not cramped up in one paper. Everything should be easy to read. As much as possible, all your data should be read in one glance. If you need a format to follow, try drafting it after how LinkedIn presents your work experience. It’s clear and concise and convenient to decipher. Make sure to put headings and subheadings.

3. Grammatically correct

Did you double check your résumé before printing it out? Have you checked it for typos and grammatical errors? If you haven’t and you’re uncertain of your skills, have someone who is fluent in written english to proofread your résumé. It’s easy for recruiters to overlook your skills if they see a poorly written résumé. They might also think that you don’t care for the job as much as you should, considering you did not give enough time and consideration for a fool-proof résumé.

4. It’s accurate

Only put facts in your résumé. Don’t over-exaggerate or lie about dates and work experience. Some companies do background checks, so you don’t want them to find out that your credentials aren’t legit. This also means that you know what’s written on your résumé. Most interviewers would ask you to recount everything in an interview, and you should be able to narrate your experiences without looking at your copy. To avoid sounding like you’re unsure of yourself and what you’ve done work-wise, better memorize what’s in your résumé or CV.

5. Highlight your achievements

Your résumé is how you market yourself to employers. It’s YOU doing the talking, the promoting for yourself, even if you’re doing something else. Your résumé can take you places, and it’s only a must to give it utmost importance when you’re preparing it. Recruiters take note of people who are workers as well as achievers. So even if you haven’t earned any “awards” so to speak, you can include big projects you’ve worked on. Be sure to remember the anecdotes for these, because some interviewers are very curious to know what you’ve learned from these happenings in your work life.

With a few tweaks to your résumé, getting hired will be a breeze. As long as you highlight your strengths and present them in a clear and professional manner, you’re good to go. For more tips that would help you up the career ladder, don’t miss a post from the EV blog! And if you need more career opportunities, simply visit our careers page for more!