5 Qualities to Develop to Succeed as a KPO Worker

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There is a reason why business process outsourcing companies are known all over the world: the Filipinos are extremely good at what they do. They are fluent English speakers, they are degree holders, and they are passionate hard workers. While BPOs are continuously dominating the business landscape in the country, knowledge process outsourcing or KPO companies are catching up. Unlike how it is in BPOs, KPO workers would be able to use their expertise to cater to a more skill-specific clientele.

Why join a KPO company?

KPOs present better job opportunities for employees who want to use their specific passions or knowledge as their bread and butter. For instance, if you’re fluent in a third language or if you have a background in law or medicine, or if you’re simply interested in engaging with foreign entrepreneurs/visionaries — the KPO world is best for you. If you’re aspiring to work for this fast-paced and exciting industry, you have to be prepared for a different kind of work culture. You’ll need specific qualities to help you climb up higher the career ladder along the way.

1. Be articulate

In the Philippines, almost everyone knows how to speak English. Hence, if you want to stand out — you have to have a voice. It pays to consistently have something meaningful to say. Skills can be learned, but being able to express yourself clearly to the world around you is what will make you shine in whatever field you’re working in.


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2. Tap into your creativity

There is a misconception that “being creative” means only being inclined to art-related things like painting or drawing. Did you know that you can be creative in your line of expertise even if it’s the least artistic thing in the world? Being creative means that you strive for innovation. It’s bringing new and fresh ideas or processes to the things you do. It’s itching for positive changes and an aversion to mediocrity. It is fostering a growth mindset that will help you throughout your life in and outside of work.

3. Know your priorities

Many KPOs are still establishing themselves in the country, so some of these companies are starting small and there might be moments when you realize that you are taking more and more responsibilities outside your role. As much as it is important to give it your all to every task at hand, remember to put the most urgent and most important things first. Avoid multitasking and don’t get caught up peripheral jobs unless you’ve already finished your main tasks. Don’t make the mistake of taking on everything until you end up accomplishing nothing at the end of the day.


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4. Be ready to adapt

The KPO industry is highly connected to technology and it’s not enough to just “know” what you know. You have to stretch yourself and be prepared for possible changes especially in terms of upgrading your knowledge and learning new technology. In this age of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you have got to find ways to stay relevant. Always be open to upskill and reskill to make sure you won’t be left behind.

5. Be proactive

This is another good quality to develop. Being self-motivated and taking charge of whatever situation you are in (be it good or bad) will make you a remarkable employee. It’s always choosing to be productive even when no one is watching. This means that you do not have to be micromanaged by your superiors as you know exactly what to do with your time. When employers know they can trust you to take care of your time and your decisions, they can rest assured knowing you will also take care of their brand and the work you do for them.

Do you think you have what it takes to work in a knowledge process outsourcing company? Do you have the skills and the attitude to be part of an exciting industry? Visit the Eastvantage Careers page and check our latest openings!