5 Essential Qualities You Should Look for in a Software Provider

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Digital transformation has grown in importance in today’s world as companies strive to remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment. By utilizing technology to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and drive innovation, businesses can gain access to new markets and retain existing customers.

An organization should therefore capitalize on the opportunities presented by digital transformation through the implementation of the right software. With the ultimate goal of being able to equip you with highly relevant and the most pertinent digital tools for your business, your software provider should first and foremost have the following qualities:

  1. Dependable. The software you purchase should provide solid solutions to your problems, meet your current business needs, and be able to easily adapt should those needs change. Ensure that your provider has contract arrangements in place which include full access to the source code for your purchased software product. This is vital especially for mission critical applications in order to mitigate business risk. You should have a better idea of the dependability of your software vendor by checking their case studies and client testimonials, or any other materials that demonstrate how they have successfully provided and implemented solutions for other organizations.
  2. Creative. There is a misconception that “software development is just a line of boring code.” Indeed, some argue that software development is an art that cannot be accomplished without a creative mind. This should therefore be the line of thinking when selecting brilliant minds to join a software development team. A development team who thinks outside the box presents better prospects of delivering something unique and exceptional to help you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Experimental. The experimental approach is driving much of today’s technological shift. As software development is a step-by-step procedure involving a large amount of data, analysis, and calculations, it should follow said approach. For instance, there is a growing need for software applications that use consumer data from various sources to provide more contextualized and personalized experiences. A software development project must therefore always be based on experimentation and validation over time in order to remain relevant. Hence, a good software development team makes data-driven decisions and employs appropriate software programming, project management, and planning tools to create better software.
  4. Adaptable. The software development industry is highly dynamic. Development skill sets that are practicable today may become obsolete and unusable very quickly due to the rise of new technologies. It is therefore all-important for software developers to keep up with industry trends and learn new skills, technologies, languages, and tools. Having a development team of adaptable quick-learners who can deal with the complexities and volatility of the software development process facilitates the work while being cost-effective and saving time.
  5. Innovative. Software innovation drives digital transformation. Every software developed should add value to its users, and this can only be accomplished in an environment which encourages the sharing of ideas. If the company you’re working with uses new and innovative techniques to manage all aspects of their business (e.g. remote or flexible workingpaperless offices), it is likely they’ll take the same approach when developing software capability and functionality.

It is also important to find a software provider who can help you make the most of your software project by aiming for the implementation of a fully functional, user-friendly, and secure, but also highly scalable software. This should facilitate any future software updates and make the software cost-effective.

About the author:
Chris Picardal is a Junior Business Partner at Eastvantage and as such ensures operational excellence for the technical teams he is responsible for. He is a licensed Electronics Engineer, a certified Electronics Technician, a Project Management Professional, and holds a Green Lean Six Sigma Belt. Chris has eight years of hands-on and leadership experience in the electronics engineering field. His proudest career moment was his involvement in a NASA project for the testing of one of the critical parts of the MARS Rover Perseverance.

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