3 Major Reasons Why You Should Outsource in the Philippines

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As of 2016, the Philippines is behind India as the top outsourcing destination in the world. According to the research ranking by Tholons, an Investments and M&A Advisory firm, 9 cities from the country made it to their Top 100 list. Seeing as how outsourcing is the biggest trend in business, you might wonder, why does the Philippines stand out from the rest?

1. The Filipino People

If there is one thing that catapults the Philippines on top of the outsourcing ladder, it’s simply because of their character as a people. It’s a given that they’re hard-working individuals, but the Filipinos have gone past beyond being labeled as a “hospitable” people. The Filipino talent pool is composed of college-degree holders and English fluent-speakers.

2. Get your money’s worth

One of the most popular benefits of outsourcing is being able to cut costs. But the real question is: if you settle for other countries in terms of outsourcing, will you get the value of work you’re looking for? For instance, the Philippines’ BPO sector is supported by both the private sector and the government. The country’s education curriculum has been formatted to produce a better and stronger workforce that will cater to this powerful, GDP-contributing industry. If the country is well-equipped, you can expect that you will be getting service of utmost quality.

3. It falls in line with the country’s socioeconomic agenda

Last October 4, the EU-PH Business Summit was held in the country, and despite the rumors, it’s a fact that the country’s ties with these European countries are only strengthened, especially in terms of economic engagement. Economic policies in the country are also being changed, giving more leeway for foreigners to make more investments and build more businesses. If you want to make your business flourish, the Philippines is the perfect place to start or expand.

There’s no doubt about it. If you’re looking to hire the right staff and explore outsourcing services, the Philippines is the best country to start. Secure the future of your business with Eastvantage. We’ve can provide you with all these benefits and more. Contact us for more info.