3 Cost-Saving Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support vs. Hiring Locally 

Customer Support Outsourcing Cost-Saving Benefits

It is a fact that the modern customer base has rising expectations, and positive customer experience is the way to stand out from your competitors. According to a report by McKinsey & Co., customer care leaders are facing a perfect storm of challenges including: 

  • Increased call volumes 
  • High attrition rates and competitive customer support labor market 
  • Digital solutions are not yet delivering on their promise.  

Because of these challenges, customer service costs have ballooned in the past years. Agile companies are realizing it is more cost-effective to outsource their customer support requirements than maintain an in-house team because of the following: 

  1. Lower labor cost. Outsourcing providers have a wide pool of highly qualified talent from countries with lower labor costs.  
  1. Reduced hiring cost. Outsourcing can reduce or even eliminate a company’s costs related to hiring such as for sourcing, recruitment, selection, and onboarding. 
  1. Minimized cost of ownership of technology. Outsourcing providers are updated on the most advanced technologies for better customer support and can help clients get the most value from technological investments. 

Connecting with expert customer support outsourcing providers therefore brings about cost savings without sacrificing service quality. In fact, the right outsourcing provider can help improve the customer experience, increasing customer loyalty which directly impacts a company’s bottom line. 

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