Managed Services

As your managed services provider, our solutions will make you achieve goals and see results. We bring the right tools, staff, and processes to get you the results and outcomes you expect, guaranteed.

We provide end-to-end customer experience delivery with our Managed Services. Keep your eyes on production and your customer support on auto-pilot with your own team in the Philippines.

Managed Services: Solutions Focused on Delivering Outcome

Managed Services leverage the experience of Eastvantage of working in an offshore model to deliver agreed outcomes to our clients. Eastvantage assumes end-to-end responsibility for delivering results to you and brings together the right staff, processes, and systems required for your situation so you can continue focusing on your strategic growth plans.

From project planning over performing tasks to reporting key indicators, our team works with your organisation in mind for our business solutions. As your business grows and transforms, you will recognise the need for professional support from a stable partner in Manila with the tools, processes, and expertise to mobilise all the resources required for your business success.

Eastvantage will even commit to future improvements in quality, speed, and accuracy and pass the savings on to you. In this model, we take full ownership and we are able to do this in the fields of customer support, product support, IT support, and accounting.

End-to-end Responsibility for Results

As a Managed Delivery Services provider, Eastvantage assumes end-to-end responsibility for delivering end results to you. From recruitment and talent retention to setting up the tools and processes related to operations, Eastvantage as a managed service outsourcing provider assumes the task of delivering outcomes so you can focus on strategic growth.

Our core responsibilities under Managed Service Delivery include:

  • Strategic project roadmap
  • Dedicated staff
  • Operations management
  • Tools and technology
  • Process documentation
  • Reporting and analysis

Managed Operations is Steered Towards Total Process Ownership

From the start of our engagement, our team is geared towards transitioning process ownership from client-led to Eastvantage-owned. We employ a strictly monitored phased approach supported by a governance model to guide success and ensure minimal disruption to current operations.

Businesses at the apex of growth or transformation will recognise the need for sustained support from a partner with the tools, processes, and expertise to mobilise Managed Services.

Learn More About our Managed Services Model

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